Windsurfing at HSSC falls into two main categories: longboard racing, which is held on a Tuesday evening, and shortboarding, which happens basically whenever it’s windy enough.

The roots of windsurfing at the club run deep, with members including previous champions Marc Carney and Graeme Fuller, along with rising stars: Olympic Class racers Elliot and Claudia Carney, and freestyle hotshot Sam Conroy. HSSC is also home to the infamous Hythe Hotshots, RYA T15 national champions 2005-2006. Hythe Hotshots have had well over 10 windsurfers represent the S.E squad, and have had 5 represent team GBR at international events as part of the National Squad over the last few years. All have represented our club at T15 events.

We offer a wide range of advantages to the keen windsurfer, including secure board storage, changing rooms with hot showers, competitive racing with a great social scene, a wealth of experience to draw upon, and the added safety of sailing with others.

Windsurf Racing Rules

Racing takes place every Tuesday evening of British Summer Time at 1800 hrs.

The course is agreed at approx. 17:45 and all competitors are briefed verbally. Buoys will be any marker visible from the shore or buoys laid from the club. Normally 2 beats, 2 reaches and a run using a 3 buoy course constitute the race course. A gate board is selected at this time.

Once the fleet is assembled at the start mark , and after 1800 hrs , the gate boat will approach the mark with a long beat on port tack. Competitors start behind the gate board as soon as he is up to speed and before he passes the start buoy. Any board hitting the gate board is disqualified. The course is sailed to normal board-racing rules. Pumping and hitting of marks are permitted.

The finish is decided before the race but may be changed during the race if the wind drops. The finish line should be imagined as being at 90 degrees to the next leg of the course from the buoy. – so round the buoy as normal to finish.

Four races will normally be held.

Results are posted in the club before closing time on the night of racing.

Any board, any sail equal to or below 9.5m.

Racers will man the rescue boat in the event of a rescue being needed.

All HSSC members participating in watersports do so at their own risk, and must have third party liability insurance in order to join.