The sailing section caters for all types of dinghy sailing from competitive racing to trips along the coast for a pint and a pasty. Racing takes place on Sunday mornings at 11.00 a.m. and on Thursday evenings at 6.30 p.m. with spring and summer league tables.  Racing is based on the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system so there are no restrictions on size, speed, weight or number of crew. Annual events include a race to the Ship Inn in Sandgate and a race in support of the RNLI.

All levels of experience are welcomed with rescue facilities available to boost the confidence of the beginner and open meetings to challenge the more experienced racer.  Training is also available.

There is a small dinghy park at the club with limited space available. If you are interested in keeping your dinghy at the club, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Sailing Racing Rules

1. Rules
1.1 All races will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)
1.2 The “By-Laws concerning the use of Seaside Pleasure Boats” issued by Shepway District Council will apply.
1.3 Restrictions on advertising are as per ISAF category C regulations.

2. Notices to Competitors
2.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located inside the club house.
2.2 The Officer of the day will hold a briefing 30 minutes prior to published start time.
2.3 Changes in Sailing Instructions. Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted before 0900 on the day it will take effect.
2.4 Competitors are advised not to be afloat when IC flag ‘V’ is flying.

3. Safety and Insurance
3.1 The safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/person in charge who must ensure that the boat and crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the race. Neither these sailing instructions nor any inspection of the boat limits or reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner/person in charge for the crew, the boat and her management. The race organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the owner/person in charge or crew, as a result of their taking part in the race or races. Moreover, every owner/person in charge warrants the suitability of the boat for the race or races.

4. Entries
4.1 Eligible boats may be entered at the race box on the day of racing and prior to the race
4.2 Signing on shall be considered entry to the race (see declarations section 16).
4.3 Eligibility requirements for boats are: Handicap Racing is limited to MONOHULL or CATAMARAN or SAILBOARD sailing craft with a Portsmouth Yardstick Number, or a number agreed by the sailing committee.

All HSSC members participating in watersports do so at their own risk, and must have third party liability insurance in order to join.