HSSC Racing Rota 2020

Club racing will commence on Sunday the 2nd August.

Please see the rota here-  HSSC Safety Boat

Notes for those on duty: 

  • For the foreseeable, the rescue boat will need to be manned by a single person. This is to minimise risk and to provide space to maintain a 1m+ social distance where possible. 
  • If you need to rescue a boat, aim to support the sailor in dropping their sails and then towing them ashore. 
  • If you need to rescue a sailor, as a last resort, bring them into the safety boat with you and have them face in the opposite direction. 
  • We recommend that if you are helming the safety boat, you carry a face mask which in the event of bringing another person on board you can wear. 
  • If you are unable to attend one of your allotted duties, please arrange a swap with someone else. You can only swap with the same type of duty you have been allocated for that week (ie Safety Boat for a Safety Boat). 
  • Sunday racing starts at 11am, please arrive at least an hour before race start. 
  • Thursday racing starts at 6:30pm, please arrive at least an hour before race start. 
  • If you are the allotted race officer, you should do a short briefing to describe the course, tide state and forecasted weather conditions. (If you have any queries please speak to one of the race committee). 
  • If you are on the rescue boat, either helm or crew, please get the safety boat you will be using run up and onto the promenade regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. (Unless told not to by a member of the race committee or the race officer) 
  • There will be 2 back to back races on a Sunday of a repeating course type (Triangle, Trapezoid.etc) This race should be around 45-50 minutes for the first boat, although at the discretion of the race officer or race committee may be changed to short fire races which last less time. 
  • There will be 1 race on a Thursday evening of a Triangle Sausage type. This race should be around 60 minutes for the first boat.