HSSC has a regular group of sea kayakers who usually meet on a Saturday at 2pm.

Can I try sea kayaking before I join HSSC?
We would recommend you try kayaking before you buy a kayak and join our sea kayaking sessions.  There are plenty of commercial kayak clubs where you can hire a kayak and give it a go and even get some instruction.  We do not hire out kayaks so you will need to go elsewhere if you are just looking to give it a go.

Do I need to have any experience to join your sessions?
We recommend a basic level of kayaking as going out on the sea can be trickier than paddling on a river or lake for example.  Our sessions encourage intermediate paddlers to increase confidence and awareness and cover necessary skills and knowledge needed to deal with very specific local waters.  At your first session, you will paddle in a group in sheltered placid water until you gain experience.


Do I need my own equipment?
Yes.  As we do not charge for the sessions it is necessary for you to provide your own kayak equipment.  You will also be required to wear suitable clothing and safety equipment as per the club standards. Just ask if you need advice as to what equipment to purchase.

What sort of kayak or canoe do I need?
We primarily aim our trips at day trips on the sea and the best bits of local waters. Our coaches also have a racing background so competition flat water paddles are also included sometimes. You can join our sessions in any kind of kayak or canoe, however to enjoy all our possible routes involving coastal waters of Kent, East Sussex and London – you will definitely need a fast seaworthy kayak.  Just ask if you need more advice.

Where can I keep my kayak?
HSSC has limited kayak racks where you can store your kayak for a small fee on top of your annual membership.  Contact our membership secretary for more information.

Can I get insurance & permission for kayaking on British inland waters?
Yes, but this is your individual responsibility.  By joining the BCU (British Canoe Union) you get 3rd party liability insurance up to £10 million.  It also covers your access to the majority of inland waters and canals, however when trying new waterways always check the access agreement – they might be private and you are not allowed on them. For more information please visit the BCU website.

All HSSC members participating in watersports do so at their own risk, and must have third party liability insurance in order to join.

When do the sessions run?
The club normally meets for training session on Saturdays at around 14:00 at HSSC. Various events and guided trips are our main priority which test your abilities in a real situation and are run several times a week. The dates, times and nature of such trips will be provided to you if you are interested.

Can I paddle on a day other than Saturday?
Yes, every day is is good to paddle!  Just let us know which day suits you better and we can organise it.

Do I need to book your training sessions and trips?
Yes, please let us know if you are coming on a session or trip so we aren’t left waiting endlessly for you to arrive!

How much do you charge?
We are friendly kayak enthusiasts who love being on the water just like you! All our sessions and trips are completely free to fully paid up HSSC members.