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Our Services

Our Services

HSSC’s online weather services are designed to bring you the live weather data you want, in an easy to use form. Central to our service is own live weather station and web cams at the club.

The beach cam is situated on top of the club, and provides a view across the balcony and the beach between our two ramps. Hardware is an Axis M1113E network camera.

Non members are very welcome to view the beach at Hythe through our webcam, from our Web Cam History pages.

HSSC members have access to view the cam in 640×480, live streaming video, with digital zoom, tilt and pan, for the very best possible view of the beach. Yet another great reason to join HSSC!

Dinghy park and indoor USB web cams update every five minutes, and the last four images are shown.

Live wind and weather information is provided by our weather station sited on top of the club. This updates every 3 seconds. Summary information in a variety of graphs is also available. Hardware is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station, linked to PC. Data are received and processed by Weather Display software and displayed server side by Weather Display Live server-side application. WDL is a Macromedia Flash application. Flash must therefore be installed on your computer to view the display.

Viewing our live weather data on iPhone and iPad


HSSC accepts no responsibility for the content of external web sites to which this site links. HSSC does not guarantee the accuracy of any data displayed on this web site, including from its own weather station and web camera. HSSC does not guarantee that its weather and web camera data are kept up-to- date.

The information provided on this web site is for interest only, and should not be used to make decisions regarding where, when and if to go on the water. If you are uncertain, seek expert advice.

HSSC accepts no liability for any loss, damage or accident to person or property, howsoever caused, arising directly or indirectly from the use of this web site.

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