Hello everyone,

Last Friday, Nowcast Lightening sensor specialists and I installed a brand new lightening sensor at HSSC.

I’m happy to inform you that the sensor has successfully passed all the quality checks with Nowcast and is now a full part of their worldwide operational network.

With this sensor Nowcast, as one of the world’s market leaders in lightning detection, has been able to reach a clear and sustainable improvement of the European lightning detection network that help millions of people all across Europe.

For HSSC members the partnership is a benefit as we receive free (potentially life-saving) lightning information via Nowcast’s online data platform LINETview (https://linetview.nowcast.de).

Within a radius of 250km around Hythe, highly-detailed real-time thunderstorm information (incl. location of lightning strikes, short-term forecasts as well as customizable email lightning warnings) are available at every time for HSSC.

Knowing exactly how far away lightning is will minimise shutdown time while keeping people safe. HSSC members can use the information according to their needs and interests e.g. for decision support in case of severe weather or for education purposes.

If you would like to know more about the Nowcast network and how it’s working please watch the info movie on their webpage: https://www.nowcast.de/news/watch-the-nowcast-film.html or see the pdf for a summary of LINETview’s key features at the bottom of this post.

To log onto the Nowcast website and access the information there is a password that is available strictly for HSSC full members.  The username and password has been emailed to all applicable members on 7th December so please check your inbox to locate it!  Nowcast have supplied us this lightening sensor free of charge. This is financed by them selling on the data that is recorded on our sensor (& other sensors they have around the globe) to worldwide organisations such as airlines and shipping companies. They have asked us to ensure that the username and password is kept confidential as Nowcast only allow us as HSSC members to use it.

Many thanks,

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