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Kitesurfing is the newest and most exciting waterport, and East Kent boast two of the best places in the UK to learn: Greatstone and Camber Sands. For that reason, it is understandably very popular in and around Hythe, and whenever its windy you will almost certainly be treated to the spectacle of brightly coloured kites zipping across the sky, pulling riders jumping and surfing.

Hythe and Saltwood Sailing Club welcomes kitesurfers to join as new members and enjoy our club facilities and social events. We don’t believe that people who love different waterports should be forcibly zoned or segregated, but we do respectfully ask that kiters of their own accord keep well clear and preferably downwind of our sailors and windsurfers.

There’s miles of fantastic beach to use, and we also request that non-member kitesurfers use an area a little way away from the club, e.g. off the Imperial Hotel, to make sure there’s plenty of room for all.

Photography: Mat Mackenzie. Main image shows kitesurfing at Greatstone.