We have a dedicted team of volunteers who run the Management Committee at Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club

Marc Carney


Responsibilities include: chair committee meetings, represent club externally, preparation of club programme, allocation of duties, preparation of the annual report.

Chris Addison

Vice Commodore

Responsibilities include: chair house committee, maintenance of club assets, domestic issues (bar/galley etc), supervise working parties.

Dan Hollands

Rear Commodore Sailing

Responsibilities include: set sailing programme, organise events, manage boat park, manage sailing and rescue, boats, manage beach access ramp, racing results and prizes, chair sailing section meetings.

Stuart Hardes

Rear Commodore Windsurfing

Responsibilties include: set programme and events, manage board store, racing results and prizes, chair windsurfing section meetings.

Tony Wyatt

Tony Wyatt

Training Officer

Responsibilities include: setting RYA training courses and administration

Dave Finch

Dave Finch

Honorary Secretary

Responsibilities include: organise meetings and AGM, take minutes of meetings, respond to mail, bar extensions, filing, insurance, licences, etc.

Boyd Garrard

Boyd Garrard


Responsibilities include: keep accounts, issue cheques, prepare reports to committee, auditing.

Louisa Spice

Membership Secretary

Responsibilities include: maintain membership and joining forms, keep membership database, regular report to committee, mailshots, new member liaison.

Bob Davidson

Publicity Secretary

Responsibilities include: club newsletter, publicity for events, publicity of results, publicity display boards, sailboat exhibition, sponsorship, website.

Gwen Finch

Social Secretary

Responsibilities include: set social programme, organise social events, clubhouse bookings.