Individual, family and student HSSC members have access to view the beach cam in 800×600, live streaming video, with digital zoom/tilt/pan, fullscreen and video recording options, for the very best possible view of the beach.  The beach cam is situated on top of the club, and provides a view across the balcony and the beach between our two ramps. Hardware is an Axis M1113E network camera.  Yet another great reason to join HSSC!

To view the live cam, just enter the username as hsscmember and enter the password that was provided to you in your welcome email when you joined the club and each year at renewal time. (Internet Explorer users will need to download and install an ActiveX control the first time they use the cam.) Please note, if you are a social member, you do not have access to our beach cam.

Whilst viewing the cam, click anywhere in the image to zoom in on that portion. Be patient if the control response is a ittle slow. You can also move around the image using the Zoom, Tilt and Pan controls. Click ‘Zoom to Overview Image’ to return to the full wide angle display.  Bandwidth is limited, so the cam is designed to time out after two minutes.  Please note that HSSC’s web cams and weather station are run on a voluntary basis, and we do not guarrantee the availability of these services.

Unfortunately your beach cam is currently out of use but we are working hard to get it back online for our members so watch this space.