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Sheila Coley (mother of Tom) died on 21st June 2017 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s.

She was a keen and active member of HSSC in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Her first sailing experiences with, then husband, John, were in a yellow Scorpion called “Ena”.  The results were, at best, mediocre and after considering matters, and the fact that sailing with one’s spouse does not always make the best combination (in particular, the frustration of never making the start on time) it was decided they would sail separate boats.

She then crewed her own Scorpion called “Liquid Asset” with Geoff Palmer at the helm.  They were very successful in light airs and came 11th in the Scorpion Nationals held at HSSC in 1975.

Latterly she sailed the same boat with Anthony Record (a former Commodore of the Club) and then a Miracle with Rob Thomas (brother of Jim Thomas who sadly died in 2006).

In her Scorpion days she would have sailed regularly against Owen Croft and the late Barry Dodds.

When the Alzheimer’s first began to manifest itself she rekindled an old friendship with Roy Shew (in 2007 after the old members’ reunion).

Roy was one of the founding members of the Club and the popular and successful Scorpion fleet that thrived here in the 1970s and 1980s.

Roy was very kind to Sheila and took her on many fun outings.  Sadly Roy died in 2015.

Sheila thoroughly enjoyed racing dinghies and counted her days at the Club as some of the happiest in her life.

She had three children: Clare (also a keen sailor), William and Tom.

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