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Dover Channel Training Swimming Group joins Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club

Dover Channel Training Swimming Group joins Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club

Dover Channel Training Swimming Group joins Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club

Exciting development for our club bringing in a world class open-water swimming club association, Dover Channel Training Swimming Group.

Dover Channel Training is well known around the globe as the most prestigious cross-channel swimming group and every week, members join them from around the UK, Europe and even the other side of the world to train in the English Channel.

Recent building works in Dover regarding the extension of the marina into the harbour have resulted in Dover Channel Swimming Club looking to relocate their open-water swimming activities on Saturdays.

HSSC have had open-water swimming over the years and we’ve been trying to re-start it again without any luck.
After meeting Dover Channel Training, we have successfully negotiated an agreement to welcome them as Corporate members of HSSC and swim off our beach on Saturday mornings.

The swimmers will go off the east side of HSSC ramp to make sure they do not collide with our water sports.
Dover Channel Training will start on Saturday 3rd June and all HSSC members are very welcome to join in their sessions.
They will be in the water at 9am but will meet at approximately 8.30am every Saturday to get ready and do briefings etc.

Dover Channel Training do have a declaration form which would need any HSSC member who wants to swim with them to sign for legal protection. They do generally also ask for a contribution towards the costs of running training (vaseline, volunteer costs etc). People training just for fun pay £15 for the entire season or £3 per session.

Dover Channel Training was created in 1982 when Freda Streeter was training Alison Streeter. Alison went on to become the Queen of the Channel with 43 crossings to her name. Over the years people asked if they could join the training and it went from just a couple to the large group that we now enjoy. Freda supported swimmers for 33 years, finally packing up her beach chair in 2015. Freda asked Emma France to take over. Emma has 2 solo channel swims plus 9 channel relays to her name as well as a small collection of other swims around the world.

In the earlier years of the group, Freda did arrange training from various locations from time to time, including Hythe. As the group became larger it became easier to train in one location.

People swimming with the group are training predominantly for channel solos (red hats), channel relays (yellow hats) or just for fun (purple hats). Some are training for other equivalent swims. The soloists will be seen doing very long swims, mostly up to 7 hours, some going beyond that. They are a friendly bunch and would be happy to say hello in the water and on the beach (a good excuse to bob for a minute).

Emma France can be contacted via her email,

Chris Addison
On behalf of HSSC Committee