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Sea Swimming Hythe

Sea Swimming Hythe

Sea Swimming Hythe Kent! On Monday evenings we meet at the club at 6.30pm for open water swimming.

There is no specific formula, you can swim as far or as short as you want, or just go in for a quick dip. Hot food is available to purchase after your swim and use of the club facilities is £3 per session for non-members. The bar is also open.

If you want to come along and think you would like food, please pop a comment on here so that we can plan our catering. The idea is to get out of the water, order your food, shower and change and come get your food. Then you can sit on the balcony for a chat and a drink, or inside the club.

Sea Swimming Hythe Kent, Open water Swimming

The tides are gentle outside the club and there is no rip. At high tide you can swim very close to the shore (in calm seas!) and at low tide there is shallow firm sand. Two rock groynes lay about 400m apart which is great for swimming laps, or at high tide there is a 100m swim out and back to the end of the nearest groyne marker, where there can be a slightly stronger current making it a bit more challenging. Wetsuits are optional, swim hats are always a good idea – preferably brightly coloured for visibility in the water.

Being a sailing club there can be other water users and if there are, common sense and communication between sports is key.

To take part, simply turn up (but please leave a note on the Facebook page if you would like food!) – and please “Like” the Facebook page to keep updated.


  1. Hi Mark! Great to swim tonight, even though I arrived a bit late. I’ve just read your blurb and, in fact, the rock groynes are further apart; a lap is approx. 1350m. You’re right, rips are rare at Hythe but the tide can make a big difference – like it did tonight for instance! While I’m on, my kids loved going on your paddle board so thanks again for letting us have a go. Catch you soon, LEIGH

    • Hello Leigh and thanks for your message. You and your kids are very welcome to play on my paddleboard any time it’s laying on the beach – I bought it to get used on the water, not to decorate the shingle!
      See you soon.


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