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Live Weather on Apple Devices

Live Weather on Apple Devices

What no weather dials?! It could be that you don’t have the Flash plugin installed on your computer.

Otherwise, the chances are that you are trying to view it using a mobile device made by Apple: an iPhone or iPad.

The problem is an impasse between Apple and Macromedia, the company who developed the ‘Flash’ animation technology. Basically, Apple refuse to support Flash on iOS, and so flash animations – including HSSC’s live online weather – won’t work on any Apple devices.

Happily there are alternatives, and the raw weather data supplied by HSSC’s station can be interpreted by other software. Curently there are two options:

i Weather Display Live (iWDL)

Strictly speaking, this is not an app, but rather a server-side script which utilises Java to display weather data. You can access HSSC’s iWDL implementation simply by entering the following URL ito your browser, on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, whatever…

The data update automaticaly every 5 seconds, and a variety of charts can be displayed. On mobile devices, add this page to your home screen for instant access to our data. But note that data continue to be downloaded once the page is opened, until it is closed, so make sure you don’t simply multi-task and leave it running!

Sol Tiempo

But if it’s a dedicated app you want for your iPhone or iPad, Sol Tiempo provides the solution, albeit for the lofty price of 69p. The design is a little more sophisticated, with the usual swipe gestures to change between views. It also looks fantastic on the iPad.

View in iTunes store

The app needs to be configured: you will need to enter a station name, e.g. HSSC, and then enter the URL of the raw data file to be used by the app. This should be entered as:

The other great thing about this app is that you can set up multiple stations (if you know the URLs for the raw data) and easily switch between them. Here are a few local ones to get you started:


Lydd Aero




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